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Impianto ossigeno


Modular wall system for medical gas distribution

Complete, modular and tailor-made

Modules with different operational and diagnostic specializations

Fast and safe installation, easy to clean

Extruded compensation chamber in plug rack

Conform to UNI EN-1789:2010, UNI EN ISO 9170-1 and 10 G tested



Modular external wall support pipeline for medical gas

Modular and tailor-made

Compensation chamber extruded in bar

Compatible with the exchange valve Self Switch and the led display Monitox

Possibility to fix the clips Rek and Rek Pro directly on the bar

Conform to UNI EN-1789:2010, UNI EN ISO 9170-1 and 10 G tested

Self Switch

Self Switch

Exchange valve for oxygen systems

The only one-piece exchanger on the market

Changes automatically from one tank to the other

Autonomous function without the need of electrical supply

Fast and safe installation by using the holes placed on the aluminium structure

Conform to the directive 93/42/EEC



LED display for oxygen tanks content

Visualization of the oxygen content in the tanks also when mounted in a position difficult for the operator to reach

Easy installation with Velcro®

Coded and dedicated connections for correct installation

Composed of an easily installed Kit

Conform to the European directive 93/42/EEC

Rek/Rek Pro

Rek/Rek Pro

Fixation systems

Clips to fix on the bar Rek-OX or on the rail bar G-rail

High stability even with the vehicle in motion

Allow fixing and organising flowmeters, humidifiers, Venturi aspirators, vacuum containers, sphygmomanometers, baskets, infusion poles

Conform to UNI EN-1789:2010, UNI EN 19054:2006 and 10 G tested

OXX 200

OXX 200

Compressor/reservoir unit

Tailor-made and easily personalized

Easy to install on the ambulance

In a small space the following are connected: an electric compressor, a nonrebreathing valve, an electrovalve compensating the pressure, a pressure controller

Supplied with feeding cables

Conform to the directive 89/36/EEC



Oxygen tanks complete with pressure reducer/flowmeter/humidifier group

A complete and professional system for oxygen therapy treatment

Test certificate

Wide range of dimensions available

Complete with safety valve and gauge

Conform to the directive 84/525/EEC

PRX 05

PRX 05

Diaphragm pressure regulator

Possibility to fix directly to the tank

Innovative, efficient and secure construction

Pressure control of the tanks can be read with a precision gauge

Medical gas inlet connection as required by the European standards

Conform to the directive 93/42/EEC and the norms EN 10524-1, EN 562

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Oxygen system with Self Switch

High technology for highly qualitative and professional oxygen installations. Self Switch is the new system that guarantees an uninterrupted distribution of oxygen thanks to the automatic exchange of the tanks when one of them is empty.

Oxygen system with Monitox

Monitox, the new and innovative LED display for oxygen tanks content, makes controlling and long-distance monitoring of one or more tanks on the ambulance safer and more efficient.

Vacuum System

Complete and certified, the Spencer system guarantees high performance of the vacuum installation. Available with different vacuum power and capacity so as to respond in a precise way to each and every specific use.

Three reasons for choosing the Spencer system

Tailor-made and modular

Innovative design, functional technology and flexibility in use. The Spencer system for oxygen, compressed air and vacuum, modular and flexible, can be tailor-made so as to respond precisely to each and every specific use. A unique and complete solution for the distribution of medical gas on the ambulance.

Certified and 10 G tested

For the complete security of the patient, the system is compliant with the most severe international norms and prescriptions. The fixation systems have been tested and 10 G certified. Present and well-know in many countries, the system and the components are in compliance with all local norms and user standards.

Unique components

With a new approach for designing the ambulance interior and organising it's equipment, the system proposes unique solutions and components. Self Switch, fruit of Spencer's constructive excellence, is today the only one-piece exchanger on the market, powered by the same gas that it delivers.

Easy and safe installation

Guaranteeing high performance of the medical gas installations, the Spencer distribution system is developed to be easily and safely installed by the vehicle fitters.

In manufacturing the POP system an inedited blocking system has been introduced that adapts to different weights, dimensions and wall thickness. An ergonomic device-ambulance interface has been developed where simplicity has been accentuated to a maximum so that production costs and the safety of installation are optimised.

Watch how to install the POP modules.

Patented fixation system

Patented fixation system

The POP modules are fixed to the ambulance wall with an inedited, safe, automatic and patented system.

Certified fixation

Certified fixation

The fixation of the module guarantees full compliance with the normative EN 1789 and is 10 G tested.

Unique Collector

Unique Collector

The collector forged entirely in aluminium, occupies less space and optimises the compensated chamber.

Certified safety

The Spencer distribution system for medical gas is assembled in conformity with Art. 12 of the European Directive 93/42/CE. The distribution system is the result of the combination of various components and vary depending on the chosen configuration for a particular type of ambulance. Applicable Directives and normatives therefore vary according to the system components, some of the most common are outlined in the following:

The fixation systems, used for the installation of the system within the ambulance are tested and certified 10 G (UNI EN 1789:2010).

For total safety during use, the distribution system must always include the following:

Conformity to different standards

Present and well-known in many countries, from the European Union to North Africa, from the Middle East to South America, Spencer products are in compliance with the all local norms and user standards. Spencer can supply the medical gas units and the connections between oxygen tanks and connectors according to different standards.

The Spencer Offer

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